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Recently Received #8

31 Mar

Yet more cards for the CM Punk collections and the 2010 Topps auto collection came over the last few days. The first card to arrive was one of the best I’ve added to the Punk collection. Manged to secure it for only $25 too. I saw the CM Punk red 1/1 of the other Platinum insert set (Platinum Performance) appear on eBay in the inital flood of Platinum cards around the end of last year but it was snapped up for $80 almost instantly. I actually had the cash at the time to splurge but only discovered the listing in the Completed Listings after it had sold.

– 2010 WWE Platinum Legendary Superstars insert Red 1/1 CM Punk/Terry Funk


Next up was a lot of 6 different 2010 Topps WWE autograph cards. The dual Punk/Serena is for the Punk collection and the rest are for the base auto collection. I now only need 3 autos for that collection, Sheamus, John Cena & The Big Show. If anyone reading this has one for trade then leave a comment here with your email and I’ll get back to you. The total price of this lot (all were separate Best Offers) was $57 with the Edge being $18, the Punk/Serena being $13 and the rest averaging abou $5 to $7.

– 2010 Topps WWE CM Punk/Serena Dual auto 67/99

– 2010 Topps WWE Edge auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Cody Rhodes auto

– 2010 Topps WWE D.H. Smith auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Caylen Croft auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Vance Archer auto


[Wrestling] WWE Topps Platinum preview

21 Oct

This December the first high end WWE trading card product is going to be released by Topps. It will be released with an average price of $59 per hobby box (up from the $39 from the standard 2010 release) due to the fact that the cards themselves are  of a higher standard and there’s more hits per box for this release. In each hobby box there will be three major hits to be found.

The three major hits are 1 autograph card, 1 autograph relic card and 1 regular relic card. The current autograph checklist (linked at the bottom of the post) is pretty uninspiring at the moment with a lot of Divas and a few too many midcard and even undercard dudes like Curt Hawkins, David Otunga, Kelly Kelly, Trent Baretta on there. The two major names on there are Chris Jericho and Kane but I have the feeling that Jericho will disappear from the release come release time as he’s no longer with the company.

Chris Jericho Auto

The autograph relic card list is a bit more interesting with cards from much bigger names like Cena, Punk, Christian, The Miz, Sheamus and Edge on there. There’s also the usual relics which include a few names that aren’t signing like Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and another name that might disappear, Matt Hardy. Each autograph & autograph relic card are paralleled to Red (#’d to /1), Gold (#’d to /25) and Blue (#’d to /99).

Sheamus Auto Relics

By far the most interesting cards in the collection and the reason that the collection is considered a more high end card are the Platinum Triple Relic cards. These are limited to 1 for every 6 hobby boxes and are each limited to 99. The most obvious money card is the Triple H/John Cena/Edge card but the one most interesting to myself is the Punk/Miz/Mysterio card. Again, the list of all 10 cards can be found in the checklist linked below.

There’s also 125 base cards in this set to collect which is slightly more than the 2010 WWE set but that’s offset by the fact that there’s only two insert sets to collect this time. Each base card also come in parallels of Red (#’d to /1), Gold (#’d to /50) and Green (#’d to /399) and each hobby box will include 4 of these parallel cards. In each pack there will be a single rainbow coloured parallel.

Triple H Gold Parallel Rick Rude Green Parallel

Topps WWE Platinum is released on December 27th 2010 and is retailing fo about $60 a box. The complete checklist for the cards can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hfysnpv7fns25i