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Recently Received #10

27 May

Few big updates coming now and in the next day or two as I found a few big sellers on eBay letting a tonne of cards go for cheap BIN prices. First though is another jewel in the CM Punk collection, the Topps 2010 Pltinum Red relic parallel numbered #10/10, I traded a bit over the odds for this (it cost me my Miz & Orton auto relics) but I think it was worth it for something I haven’t seen around on eBay or other trading sites at all.

– CM Punk 2010 Topps Platinum red relic parallel #10/10

Another big card that I picked up is this Kofi Kingston 2010 Topps Signature Swatch, I’d had my eye on it when the seller was relisting it on eBay for $25 and I got it with the only bid on it. I’m not a huge fan of Kofi but it’s a nice rare card and good trade bait too!

– Kofi Kingston 2010 Tops WWE Signature Swatch #21/25

– Matt Forte 2008 Bowman Chrome rookie autograph

– Greg Olson 2008 Bowman Sterling auto/relic

– Brandon Pettigrew 2009 Upper Deft Draft Edition auto

– Jabar Gaffney 2002 Sage Football rookie auto #108/400

– Matt Forte/Justion Forsett/Choice 2008 Topps Progression Triple relic

– Josh Koscheck 2010 Topps UFC Round 4 Autograph

– Junior Dos Santos 2010 Topps UFC Knockout Fighter Gear Relic #120/188

– Anderson Silva 2010 Topps UFC Knockout Fight Mat Relic #261/288 (From UFC 117 Vs Chael Sonnen)

– Mirko Crop Cop 2010 Topps UFC Knockout Fight Mat Relic #45/188 (From UFC 67)

– Jon Jones 2010 Topps UFC Knockout Fight Mat Relic #009/188 (From UFC 100)

– Awesome Kong 2009 TNA Knockouts autograph card

– Orlando Jordan 2010 TNA The New Era autograph card

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– Jeremy Borash TNA 2009 TNA Impact! autograph card #10/60

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– Fredric Lehne Lost Archives autograph card


Recently Received #9

15 May

Forgot to post up a few recent mail days, I’ll do them in separate posts with this first one being various non-sports collections and recent wrestling next.

These were all really cheap Inkworks/Razor Archive auto pickups. I’ve wanted to get all 4 First Wave autos for a while as I loved that show when it aired (i was only 13 when it was on so looking back now it may not be very good), the only one missing is the Traci Lords who for obvious reasons sells pretty high so if you have one for trade let me know!

The Kartheiser was picked up to maybe start a Mad Men side project and the Veronica Mars are for my younger sister who really likes that show so I said I’d get from the seller while I was getting the other four.








Recently Received #8

31 Mar

Yet more cards for the CM Punk collections and the 2010 Topps auto collection came over the last few days. The first card to arrive was one of the best I’ve added to the Punk collection. Manged to secure it for only $25 too. I saw the CM Punk red 1/1 of the other Platinum insert set (Platinum Performance) appear on eBay in the inital flood of Platinum cards around the end of last year but it was snapped up for $80 almost instantly. I actually had the cash at the time to splurge but only discovered the listing in the Completed Listings after it had sold.

– 2010 WWE Platinum Legendary Superstars insert Red 1/1 CM Punk/Terry Funk


Next up was a lot of 6 different 2010 Topps WWE autograph cards. The dual Punk/Serena is for the Punk collection and the rest are for the base auto collection. I now only need 3 autos for that collection, Sheamus, John Cena & The Big Show. If anyone reading this has one for trade then leave a comment here with your email and I’ll get back to you. The total price of this lot (all were separate Best Offers) was $57 with the Edge being $18, the Punk/Serena being $13 and the rest averaging abou $5 to $7.

– 2010 Topps WWE CM Punk/Serena Dual auto 67/99

– 2010 Topps WWE Edge auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Cody Rhodes auto

– 2010 Topps WWE D.H. Smith auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Caylen Croft auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Vance Archer auto

Recently Received #7

21 Mar

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but that does not mean I’ve abandoned my collecting! To the contrary, I have many cards to show you all.. As always the pickups are CM Punk heavy.

* CM Punk/Luke Gallows 2010 Topps dual auto black printing plate (#1/1)

* CM Punk 2010 Topps base black printing plate (#1/1)

* CM Punk gold auto/relic (#8/25)

* CM Punk gold relic (#27/50)

* CM Punk Topps Action 2007 autograph card

* CM Punk Heritage III autograph card

* R-Truth green relic (#268/399)

* MVP auto/relic (#46/275)

* Kofi Kingston green relic (#86/399)

* Jim Ross hand signed base card

* Scotty 2 Hotty signed base card

* Funaki signed base card

* Steve Blackman signed base card

Recently Received #6

19 Jan

This lot was actually part of the current mail week but was too large to fit into one post. These all came from the one eBay seller, the items all ended on the one day. The total came to about $120 in all.

* Triple H/John Cena/Edge triple relic (#24/99)

* Cody Rhodes/Evan Bourne/MVP (#33/99)

* Big Show/Edge/CM Punk triple relic (#16/99)

* Caylan Croft auto (#103/271)

* CM Punk green relic (#162/399)

* MVP green relic (#79/399)

* David Hart Smith relic
* Tyson Kidd relic
* Edge relic
* Shemus relic
* John Morrison relic

Recently Received #4

5 Jan

Got the first lot of my recent major eBay spending spree today. All are from the new WWE Platinum release.

* Evan Bourne yellow printing plate 1/1
* Evan Bourne auto/relic (#231/275)
* Christian blue auto/relic (#84/99)
* CM Punk auto/relic (#67/275)

* CM Punk relic
* Edge relic
* Big Show relic
* Zack Ryder auto (#155/271)

Recently Received #3

15 Nov

Another mail day, another few WWE cards for the 2010 Topps collection! The R-Truth card is another for the base auto collection, the Punk is for the complete collection of his cards. I think I’m just missing the gold auto, the dual autos, the signature swatch and jumbo swatch. Might be a lotta cash for those cards.