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[Magic] First PTQ experience

19 Dec

Yep, this isn’t a strictly collection based post but I took part in my first ever PTQ this afternoon. It was a sealed deck Scars of Mirrodin set up and to say I did badly was an understatement. My pool/sidecard was pretty poor and I ended up quitting the tournament after going 0-5. I don’t see myself ever going for another online PTQ unless I end being a millionaire or something.

Realistically I knew I would never actually get anywhere in the thing as it was my first ever PTQ. I think from now on I’ll only be playing pauper online Magic and practicing drafts. My main bulk of investment will go towards paper Magic as there’s far more possibility for me to qualify for Nationals and Pro Tours etc from the Irish scene. PTQ’s in Ireland only draw about 100 people tops compared to the 512 that were in todays!


[Magic] Scars Of Mirrodin Fat Pack break

16 Oct

While a break of a Magic box isn’t the usual thing to post on a card blog, I might as well post it as its the first box I’ve opened since starting it.

The Scars of Mirrodin Fat Pack contains 8 booster packs from the current expansion of the Magic game. It also contains a 20 sided life counter, card box and card set encyclopaedia but they’re all standard things. I’ll only list the rares and mythic rares pulled, I’ll do the same for every other Magic packs opened.

Mythic Rares:
Elspeth Tirel (White Planesewalker)
Liz Cannon (Artifact)

Kuldotha Forgemaster
Myr Reservoir
Mimic Vat
Argentum Armor
Razorverge Thicket (x2)
Aid Web Spider (foil uncommon)