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[Box Breaks #7] Two boxes of Topps 2007 WWE Heritage III

30 Mar

I picked up two of te hobby boxes off of eBay last weekk r prettyy ap, each box was a BIN of only $20 though the seller charged me $27 for shipping which I though was a little over the top. I was thinking of complaining but the break was decent enough for the price.. I’m not bothering to scan the Kennedy relic as it’s prety much worthless.

Box 1

Auto: Jeff Hardy

Relic: Mr. Kennedy

Box 2

Auto: Lance Cade (RIP)

Relic: Mr. Kennedy (again!)


[Box Breaks #6] Two (2) boxes of WWE Platinum

2 Jan

Overall the best boxes of anything I’ve opened so far. Awesome pull by all accounts. I can see myself getting another few boxes of this!

Box 1:
Zack Ryder Auto (Blue #94/99)
Randy Orton Relic/Auto (#96/275)
Christian/Evan Bourne/R-Truth Triple Relic (#44/99)
Road Warrior Hawk #36 Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
Vladamir Kozlov Platinum Performance insert Red 1/1

Yes, TWO red 1/1 cards in the same box as a Triple Relic and a Blue /99 auto! I can’t comprehend the odds of this happening. I would have been happy with just the Orton auto/relic but they insane cards just kept coming!


Box 2:
Big Show Relic
Drew McIntyre auto (#89/271)
The Miz auto/relic (#234/275)
Paul Bearer gold relic #44/50

Box break hit scans

5 Nov

Topps NFL 2010 Rookie Premiere Auto Jimmie Clausen #47/90

Topps NFL 2010 Peak Performance Auto Ben Tate

Topps UFC 2010 Randy Couture auto

Topps UFC 2010 Patrick Cote auto

[Box Breaks #5] Topps 2010 Football Hobby #2

5 Nov

This was a very uneventful box to finish off the break with. Only a single hit in the entire box, not even a black parallel. I still have to go though the rookies to see if I have a short printed card but nothing caught my eye so I doubt it.

Felix Jones Peak Performance game used relic


[Box Breaks #4] 2010 Topps UFC Round 4 Box #2

3 Nov

The second of the UFC boxes, this one really rescued the UFC boxes from being complete junk. The Randy Couture auto usually goes for about $35 on ebay but I think I’ll be keeping this one for the personal collection as I really bought the boxes for my younger brother. Getting two Ultimate Gear relics really makes up for crummy mat relics pulled in the first box as well.

Randy Couture
Patrick Cote

Clay Guida Ultimate Gear (85/168)
Micheal Bisping Ultimate Gear (Redemption)

Rolles Gracie #158 (160/188)

[Box Breaks #3] Topps 2010 Football Jumbo Box

2 Nov

Finally, a little bit of success in the box. The 2nd auto I pulled kinda saved the box but still sells for less than the price of the box. The first auto and the relic are junk again though sadly. At this point I’m kinda just aiming to complete the sets rather than chasing after the rare cards.

Jimmy Clausen (2010 Rookie Premiere Auto 47/90)
Ben Tate (Peak Performance)

Jonathan Dwyer

Gold Parallels:
#1 Peyton Manning (300/2010)
#25 Ray Lewis (700/2010)
#36 Asante Samuel (500/2010)
#108 Brandon Meriweather (400/2010)
#183 Matthew Stafford (1000/2010)
#214 Vince Wilfork (900/2010)
#224 Jermoe Harrison (135/2010)
#237 Donte’ Stallworth (800/2010)
#383 Jabar Gaffney (645/2010)
#414 Eddie Royal (600/2010)

[Box Breaks #2] Topps 2010 Football Hobby #1

2 Nov

This is part two of the five card box break. This one was a little better than the UFC but still not a great pull out of the box. Managed to get a relic rather than an auto. I have a 2010 Jumbo box up next so I’m hoping for something crazy out of that box.

Matt Ryan QB Peak Performance game used relic

Black Parallel:
#316 Marion Barber (04/55)

Gold Parallels:
#40 Chris Johnson (264/2010)
#118 Cutis Lofton (1600/2010)
#158 Rashad Jennings (1187/2010)
#165 Cortland Finnegan (1826/2010)
#240 Ryan Grant (1982/2010)
#271 Jerod Mayo (245/2010)
#309 Pierre Thomas (369/2010)