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Recently Received #8

31 Mar

Yet more cards for the CM Punk collections and the 2010 Topps auto collection came over the last few days. The first card to arrive was one of the best I’ve added to the Punk collection. Manged to secure it for only $25 too. I saw the CM Punk red 1/1 of the other Platinum insert set (Platinum Performance) appear on eBay in the inital flood of Platinum cards around the end of last year but it was snapped up for $80 almost instantly. I actually had the cash at the time to splurge but only discovered the listing in the Completed Listings after it had sold.

– 2010 WWE Platinum Legendary Superstars insert Red 1/1 CM Punk/Terry Funk


Next up was a lot of 6 different 2010 Topps WWE autograph cards. The dual Punk/Serena is for the Punk collection and the rest are for the base auto collection. I now only need 3 autos for that collection, Sheamus, John Cena & The Big Show. If anyone reading this has one for trade then leave a comment here with your email and I’ll get back to you. The total price of this lot (all were separate Best Offers) was $57 with the Edge being $18, the Punk/Serena being $13 and the rest averaging abou $5 to $7.

– 2010 Topps WWE CM Punk/Serena Dual auto 67/99

– 2010 Topps WWE Edge auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Cody Rhodes auto

– 2010 Topps WWE D.H. Smith auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Caylen Croft auto

– 2010 Topps WWE Vance Archer auto


[Box Breaks #7] Two boxes of Topps 2007 WWE Heritage III

30 Mar

I picked up two of te hobby boxes off of eBay last weekk r prettyy ap, each box was a BIN of only $20 though the seller charged me $27 for shipping which I though was a little over the top. I was thinking of complaining but the break was decent enough for the price.. I’m not bothering to scan the Kennedy relic as it’s prety much worthless.

Box 1

Auto: Jeff Hardy

Relic: Mr. Kennedy

Box 2

Auto: Lance Cade (RIP)

Relic: Mr. Kennedy (again!)

Recently Received #7

21 Mar

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but that does not mean I’ve abandoned my collecting! To the contrary, I have many cards to show you all.. As always the pickups are CM Punk heavy.

* CM Punk/Luke Gallows 2010 Topps dual auto black printing plate (#1/1)

* CM Punk 2010 Topps base black printing plate (#1/1)

* CM Punk gold auto/relic (#8/25)

* CM Punk gold relic (#27/50)

* CM Punk Topps Action 2007 autograph card

* CM Punk Heritage III autograph card

* R-Truth green relic (#268/399)

* MVP auto/relic (#46/275)

* Kofi Kingston green relic (#86/399)

* Jim Ross hand signed base card

* Scotty 2 Hotty signed base card

* Funaki signed base card

* Steve Blackman signed base card

Topps 2011 WWE Champions preview

21 Mar

Another year, another Topps WWE card set. This time around it seems that Topps are going for a more standard mass market card set. There is mention of autographed cards being insterted into the set but with no odds listed it looks fairly hard to pull any of them. The only names mentioned so far are John Cena (again), Rey Mysterio (unlikely to actually sign), Edge and Natyla. With a box price of $42 so far on BlowoutCards and seemingly no guarantee of pulling an auto, this one might be a hard sell after the amazing Platinum product.

Capture All the Elite WWE Superstars, Action-Packed Defining Matches, Championship Moments, & Significant Bouts From WrestleMania XXVI through WrestleMania XXVII!

– An Exciting Season-Long WWE Retrospective!
– Superstars Battle Their Opponents, Claim Victory, & Achieve Title Success
– 100 Thrilling Base Cards!
– Full Bleed, Foil-Stamped Cards!
– Rare Autograph Cards!
– All new card designs featuring your favority WWE superstars!
– Shiny Foil Champions Insert Cards 1:3 Packs!

Relive the WWE Year and Bring the Ring Into the Palm of Your Hand!

The Walking Dead trading card series

21 Mar

Yes, long time not posting but I had to post when I discovered that Cryptozoic (the makers of the World of Warcraft collectable card game) are moving into the trding card world with their first release,  AMC’s The Walking Dead.  I love the comic though I’m not completely enamoured with the series yet which kinda dropped off after the inital amazing episode. Anyway, if this set were to mix in the comic art with the TV series and have a solid set of signers I’d be very interested. There’s no megastars on the list so I don’t think there’ll be any hassle getting people to sign. As long as it’s nothing like the Kick-Ass signing fiasco this should be great.

Only details so far:

Release Date: Summer 2011
Base set: 72 Cards
Inserts: Two nine-card chase sets, Autographs, Memorabilia Cards
Packs: 5 cards per pack; 24 packs per box
MSRP: $3.49 pack

And keep an eye on the official site for release dates and more info: