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Topps 2010 WWE Platinum released

29 Dec

The first ever ‘high end’ WWE product was released yesterday officially though cards from the collection started to crop up around December 26th. I’ll use this post to try keep track on some eBay listings to see how prices are going. As of writing this there is currently 993 single items which include regular base cards, packs & boxes as well as the autos, relics and parallels which I’m interested in.

The most expensive single card to be sold so far is this John Cena 4clr auto/relic which is a blue parallel and so is numbered to /99, it went for $137.30.

The next few most expensive cards are Divas parallel autos such as a Kelly Kelly /25 gold auto that went for $130, a Maryse /271 base auto for $99 and another Kelly Kelly /271 base for $80. Seems if you hit a Divas auto/swatch your on to a gold mine. Creeps. Other than that the most interesting cards that are selling are from Randy Orton & CM Punk. Both wrestlers autos and auto/swatches are going for quite high prices with Orton averaging about $80 for the gold and Punk about $60 for his gold. I personally won Punks regular swatch for $15 and his base auto/swatch (numbered to /271) for $26 last night. If I intend to grab his other paralells I’ll need deep pockets.

But by far the most interesting development in the prices of the cards comes in the triple relics. These cards are three patches from different superstars which are limited to one in only every 6 boxes and are numbered to 99 each. There’s 10 different variants which rangefrom the obvious money card Edge/Triple H/John Cena to the lesser ones like Evan Bourne/Cody Rhodes/MVP. The prices have been much, much lower than I initially thought they’d be, I managed to secure a Rey Mysterio/CM Punk/The Miz triple relic for only $24 last night on Buy It Now. Some are up for as low as $25 and with a Best Offer option. I’m expecting the same thing that happened the Jumbo Swatches and auto/swatches from the 2010 collection and see the price baloon in the next few weeks. Personally once I get the CM Punk/Big Show/Edge variant for the collection I’ll be done.

I myself have spent the last few days buying up cards on eBay which will be listed here when I get them and also have two hobby boxes on their way to me. I’d have them opened and listed already if it were not for the fact there’s no postal service here until tomorrow! So hopefully I’ll get to post again with the results..


[Magic] First PTQ experience

19 Dec

Yep, this isn’t a strictly collection based post but I took part in my first ever PTQ this afternoon. It was a sealed deck Scars of Mirrodin set up and to say I did badly was an understatement. My pool/sidecard was pretty poor and I ended up quitting the tournament after going 0-5. I don’t see myself ever going for another online PTQ unless I end being a millionaire or something.

Realistically I knew I would never actually get anywhere in the thing as it was my first ever PTQ. I think from now on I’ll only be playing pauper online Magic and practicing drafts. My main bulk of investment will go towards paper Magic as there’s far more possibility for me to qualify for Nationals and Pro Tours etc from the Irish scene. PTQ’s in Ireland only draw about 100 people tops compared to the 512 that were in todays!