Tristar 2010 TNA Xtreme preview

29 Nov

A few listings for another Tristar TNA release has just spread around a few presell sites and is listed in the Blowout Cards release calendar as well. The release date is listed as being December 22nd. It looks like it’s being rushed out to be released a week before the Topps WWE Platinum release.

So far the only information out there is this:

20 Packs per Box.
6 Cards per Pack.

2 Autograph Cards
1 TNA Memorabilia Card
2 Parallel Cards
1 Jeff Hardy art Card
1 Obak Card
1 Other Auto or Memorabilia Card per Box!

Only 100 Cases Made!

Yes, the hit list is correct, there’s up to 8 hits per box. I’m hoping that the price listed for a case ($1,500) and a box ($65) is incorrect as they’re the same prices as the last two 2010 Tristar TNA releases which doesn’t make it the most appealing. Personally I’d prefer a box price somewhere like their earlier releases, there’s no need to load up boxes with 8 hits. Still, I’ll wait to see what the signature list, card design etc is like before further judgement.


2 Responses to “Tristar 2010 TNA Xtreme preview”

  1. Snerkie November 29, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    Seems like a rush release. That and 4 of the 8 cards are barely hits (parallel, art card and the obak). Disapointing of TNA.

  2. noisenotmusic November 29, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    That’s true, they are pretty weak hits. WWE Platinum in comparison also has 8 ‘hits’ including parallels and is still cheaper than the TNA release. I understand that there’s only 100 cases of Xtreme being produced so there’s issues with the actual pint run size pushing the price up but there’s still no need to have so many hits..

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