Recently Received #2

5 Nov

The first lot of cards in the door this morning mainly additions to my WWE 2010 collection with one Luke Gallows auto and two swatches (CM Punk gold numbered to 94/99 and The Miz) in the package. I also picked up a Dan Hardy UFC auto from the same Ebay seller. I really chanced my arm on all these buy it nows as the seller let all the cards go for $20 total including shipping!

The second lot were some 2008 Upper Deck Rookie Threads picked up for the grand total of $7 for the two. I found a really cheap Antonio Gates swatch I wanted to bid on during a late night sweep of ebay and saw that the seller had quite a few swatches going for a dollar or so each. I ended up losing the Gates auction but won these Matt Forte and Dustin Keller cards. The only real reason I bid on both is that both are doing quite well for me in my Fantasy NFL team! I didn’t even know that the Forte was numbered 27/137 which was a nice surprise.

Also, I intend to get scans of all the cards pulled from the box breaks done a few days ago and will either make a new post or add them to the older posts.


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