[Box Breaks #3] Topps 2010 Football Jumbo Box

2 Nov

Finally, a little bit of success in the box. The 2nd auto I pulled kinda saved the box but still sells for less than the price of the box. The first auto and the relic are junk again though sadly. At this point I’m kinda just aiming to complete the sets rather than chasing after the rare cards.

Jimmy Clausen (2010 Rookie Premiere Auto 47/90)
Ben Tate (Peak Performance)

Jonathan Dwyer

Gold Parallels:
#1 Peyton Manning (300/2010)
#25 Ray Lewis (700/2010)
#36 Asante Samuel (500/2010)
#108 Brandon Meriweather (400/2010)
#183 Matthew Stafford (1000/2010)
#214 Vince Wilfork (900/2010)
#224 Jermoe Harrison (135/2010)
#237 Donte’ Stallworth (800/2010)
#383 Jabar Gaffney (645/2010)
#414 Eddie Royal (600/2010)


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