The perils of international purchasing

1 Nov

I made an order of a few boxes of cards off of Dave & Adam’s Card World on Saturday morning and was pretty pleased to discover that the package was making its way to already. This morning (Monday) there was a knock on the door from the UPS man. I was expecting there to be some form of charge on the package, Ireland have pretty high VAT and customs duty on items imported from outside the EU. It’s a gamble every time you purchase something from the US and the odds of being hit with the tax increase exponentially when the value of the order goes over $100. However the UPS man asked me for a pretty hefty €65 ($90) to receive the package which included a cahrge of €13.50 levied by UPS just for the benefit of putting it through customs for me. I had to turn the delivery man away and ask to come back tomorrow.

Even though technically you are supposed to pay this tax every time you import items, I’ve only eve been charge it once before when purchasing a video camera from the US. I was expecting to pay about €40 in VAT on the boxes but was not expecting an extra €25 on top of that.  In the years of buying literally hundreds of items through the regular USPS mail I had never been charged this much for it. I won’t be using UPS through dacardworld again, that’s for sure.


One Response to “The perils of international purchasing”

  1. Snerkie November 7, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    *waves* trading card enthusiast here (wrestling also!) have you tried ? They ship things through FedEx, UPS and USPS, i’m unsure with the duties but either way another shop!

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