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Tristar 2010 TNA Xtreme info + checklist updates

30 Nov

Yep, only a day after I posted the initial info the sell sheets and checklists have gone live over on TNA Wrestling Cards, head over there to see the full list of signers and memorabilia cards available.

Again, the majority of the signers are pretty much the same as Icons such as Hogan, Flair, Jarrett, Hardy, Samoa Joe, Motor City Machine Guns etc all signing in some form. One of the interesting things about the signature list is the amount of older ECW guys in the collection, this is essentially the collection that never existed when the original ECW was around which is pretty cool.


Tristar 2010 TNA Xtreme preview

29 Nov

A few listings for another Tristar TNA release has just spread around a few presell sites and is listed in the Blowout Cards release calendar as well. The release date is listed as being December 22nd. It looks like it’s being rushed out to be released a week before the Topps WWE Platinum release.

So far the only information out there is this:

20 Packs per Box.
6 Cards per Pack.

2 Autograph Cards
1 TNA Memorabilia Card
2 Parallel Cards
1 Jeff Hardy art Card
1 Obak Card
1 Other Auto or Memorabilia Card per Box!

Only 100 Cases Made!

Yes, the hit list is correct, there’s up to 8 hits per box. I’m hoping that the price listed for a case ($1,500) and a box ($65) is incorrect as they’re the same prices as the last two 2010 Tristar TNA releases which doesn’t make it the most appealing. Personally I’d prefer a box price somewhere like their earlier releases, there’s no need to load up boxes with 8 hits. Still, I’ll wait to see what the signature list, card design etc is like before further judgement.

Recently Received #3

15 Nov

Another mail day, another few WWE cards for the 2010 Topps collection! The R-Truth card is another for the base auto collection, the Punk is for the complete collection of his cards. I think I’m just missing the gold auto, the dual autos, the signature swatch and jumbo swatch. Might be a lotta cash for those cards.

Box break hit scans

5 Nov

Topps NFL 2010 Rookie Premiere Auto Jimmie Clausen #47/90

Topps NFL 2010 Peak Performance Auto Ben Tate

Topps UFC 2010 Randy Couture auto

Topps UFC 2010 Patrick Cote auto

Recently Received #2

5 Nov

The first lot of cards in the door this morning mainly additions to my WWE 2010 collection with one Luke Gallows auto and two swatches (CM Punk gold numbered to 94/99 and The Miz) in the package. I also picked up a Dan Hardy UFC auto from the same Ebay seller. I really chanced my arm on all these buy it nows as the seller let all the cards go for $20 total including shipping!

The second lot were some 2008 Upper Deck Rookie Threads picked up for the grand total of $7 for the two. I found a really cheap Antonio Gates swatch I wanted to bid on during a late night sweep of ebay and saw that the seller had quite a few swatches going for a dollar or so each. I ended up losing the Gates auction but won these Matt Forte and Dustin Keller cards. The only real reason I bid on both is that both are doing quite well for me in my Fantasy NFL team! I didn’t even know that the Forte was numbered 27/137 which was a nice surprise.

Also, I intend to get scans of all the cards pulled from the box breaks done a few days ago and will either make a new post or add them to the older posts.

[Box Breaks #5] Topps 2010 Football Hobby #2

5 Nov

This was a very uneventful box to finish off the break with. Only a single hit in the entire box, not even a black parallel. I still have to go though the rookies to see if I have a short printed card but nothing caught my eye so I doubt it.

Felix Jones Peak Performance game used relic


[Box Breaks #4] 2010 Topps UFC Round 4 Box #2

3 Nov

The second of the UFC boxes, this one really rescued the UFC boxes from being complete junk. The Randy Couture auto usually goes for about $35 on ebay but I think I’ll be keeping this one for the personal collection as I really bought the boxes for my younger brother. Getting two Ultimate Gear relics really makes up for crummy mat relics pulled in the first box as well.

Randy Couture
Patrick Cote

Clay Guida Ultimate Gear (85/168)
Micheal Bisping Ultimate Gear (Redemption)

Rolles Gracie #158 (160/188)