[Wrestling] WWE Slam Attax Mayhem autographed and Limited Edition cards

22 Oct

In the current edition of the WWE Slam Attax there are several highly limited cards in the collection to be found. I’m posting this blog to list out what autograph and limited edition cards there are and where to find them.

Autograph Cards

As you can see in the image there are 3 different autograph cards (Sheamus, The Miz and Kofi Kingston) to find. The amount to be found are different depending on where you look. On the back of the booster packs it says there are 838 in total to be found while on the official Topps Europe site it says there are 1465 to be found. I noticed that there have been cards found in Germany as well so perhaps the other 600 odd cards are to be found there. Either way the odds of pulling an auto card are pretty high as there are literally hundreds of thousands of Slam Attax packs produced each year.

Limited Editions

In total there are 6 different limited edition cards to be found.

  • Triple H: can be found in the larger than normal booster pack found in the Starter Pack.
  • Drew McIntyre: found in the collectors tin (any of the 4 designs).
  • Hornswoggle: found in WWE Kids Magazine that is on sale November 10th 2010.
  • Rey Mysterio: found in certain packs bought from The Entertainer or Martin McColls stores in the UK.
  • MVP:  found in certain packs bought from Tescos stores (unknown if this is UK only).
  • Sheamus: obtained by spending more than £25 (€35) at wwweuroshop.com before December 16th 2010.

Obviously the Limited Edition cards seem a lot more obtainable than the autos for this and I hope to put together a complete collection of them.


One Response to “[Wrestling] WWE Slam Attax Mayhem autographed and Limited Edition cards”

  1. sean November 24, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    woo hoo! just found a kofi kingston autograph card in brighton

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