[Wrestling] 5 Packs WWE Slam Attax Mayhem

16 Oct

I got 5 packs of these cards picked up for me today, I was hoping to also get a Starter Pack but they were out in the toystore I checked. Hopefully, I’ll get one of those in my regular card shop.

The Slam Attax Mayhem set has 224 base cards (much more than this year) and 59 Foil Cards (which are 1 per every 2 packs except for the Champion Cards which are 1 per every 5). The back of the pack notes that there are 838 Authentic Autograph cards in total around. There’s 3 different autos to be found: Sheamus, The Miz & Kofi Kingston. Just like last year there are multiple Limited Edition Cards to be found as well. I’ve emailed Topps UK about these and when they reply letting me know where they can be found I’ll post that info on here as well.

As for the 5 packs purchased I managed to pull the following and managed to beat the stated odds:

Jack Swagger (Champion Foil)
Melina (Champion Foil)
World Heavyweight Championship (Foil)
Beth Pheonix Glam Slam (Signature Move Foil)
Christian Killswitch (Signature Move Foil)


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