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[Wrestling] WWE Slam Attax Mayhem autographed and Limited Edition cards

22 Oct

In the current edition of the WWE Slam Attax there are several highly limited cards in the collection to be found. I’m posting this blog to list out what autograph and limited edition cards there are and where to find them.

Autograph Cards

As you can see in the image there are 3 different autograph cards (Sheamus, The Miz and Kofi Kingston) to find. The amount to be found are different depending on where you look. On the back of the booster packs it says there are 838 in total to be found while on the official Topps Europe site it says there are 1465 to be found. I noticed that there have been cards found in Germany as well so perhaps the other 600 odd cards are to be found there. Either way the odds of pulling an auto card are pretty high as there are literally hundreds of thousands of Slam Attax packs produced each year.

Limited Editions

In total there are 6 different limited edition cards to be found.

  • Triple H: can be found in the larger than normal booster pack found in the Starter Pack.
  • Drew McIntyre: found in the collectors tin (any of the 4 designs).
  • Hornswoggle: found in WWE Kids Magazine that is on sale November 10th 2010.
  • Rey Mysterio: found in certain packs bought from The Entertainer or Martin McColls stores in the UK.
  • MVP:  found in certain packs bought from Tescos stores (unknown if this is UK only).
  • Sheamus: obtained by spending more than £25 (€35) at before December 16th 2010.

Obviously the Limited Edition cards seem a lot more obtainable than the autos for this and I hope to put together a complete collection of them.


[Wrestling] WWE Topps Platinum preview

21 Oct

This December the first high end WWE trading card product is going to be released by Topps. It will be released with an average price of $59 per hobby box (up from the $39 from the standard 2010 release) due to the fact that the cards themselves are  of a higher standard and there’s more hits per box for this release. In each hobby box there will be three major hits to be found.

The three major hits are 1 autograph card, 1 autograph relic card and 1 regular relic card. The current autograph checklist (linked at the bottom of the post) is pretty uninspiring at the moment with a lot of Divas and a few too many midcard and even undercard dudes like Curt Hawkins, David Otunga, Kelly Kelly, Trent Baretta on there. The two major names on there are Chris Jericho and Kane but I have the feeling that Jericho will disappear from the release come release time as he’s no longer with the company.

Chris Jericho Auto

The autograph relic card list is a bit more interesting with cards from much bigger names like Cena, Punk, Christian, The Miz, Sheamus and Edge on there. There’s also the usual relics which include a few names that aren’t signing like Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and another name that might disappear, Matt Hardy. Each autograph & autograph relic card are paralleled to Red (#’d to /1), Gold (#’d to /25) and Blue (#’d to /99).

Sheamus Auto Relics

By far the most interesting cards in the collection and the reason that the collection is considered a more high end card are the Platinum Triple Relic cards. These are limited to 1 for every 6 hobby boxes and are each limited to 99. The most obvious money card is the Triple H/John Cena/Edge card but the one most interesting to myself is the Punk/Miz/Mysterio card. Again, the list of all 10 cards can be found in the checklist linked below.

There’s also 125 base cards in this set to collect which is slightly more than the 2010 WWE set but that’s offset by the fact that there’s only two insert sets to collect this time. Each base card also come in parallels of Red (#’d to /1), Gold (#’d to /50) and Green (#’d to /399) and each hobby box will include 4 of these parallel cards. In each pack there will be a single rainbow coloured parallel.

Triple H Gold Parallel Rick Rude Green Parallel

Topps WWE Platinum is released on December 27th 2010 and is retailing fo about $60 a box. The complete checklist for the cards can be found here:

[Wrestling] WWE Slam Attax Starter Pack + 10 booster opening

17 Oct

As I mentioned in the previous post I would be picking up a Starter Pack of the WWE Slam Attax collection and here you go. I did this as a live video break simply to test out uploading videos to youtube as I haven’t done it before. Since this worked out fine, I’ll more than likely live break any and all boxes from now on!

[Wrestling] 5 Packs WWE Slam Attax Mayhem

16 Oct

I got 5 packs of these cards picked up for me today, I was hoping to also get a Starter Pack but they were out in the toystore I checked. Hopefully, I’ll get one of those in my regular card shop.

The Slam Attax Mayhem set has 224 base cards (much more than this year) and 59 Foil Cards (which are 1 per every 2 packs except for the Champion Cards which are 1 per every 5). The back of the pack notes that there are 838 Authentic Autograph cards in total around. There’s 3 different autos to be found: Sheamus, The Miz & Kofi Kingston. Just like last year there are multiple Limited Edition Cards to be found as well. I’ve emailed Topps UK about these and when they reply letting me know where they can be found I’ll post that info on here as well.

As for the 5 packs purchased I managed to pull the following and managed to beat the stated odds:

Jack Swagger (Champion Foil)
Melina (Champion Foil)
World Heavyweight Championship (Foil)
Beth Pheonix Glam Slam (Signature Move Foil)
Christian Killswitch (Signature Move Foil)

[Magic] Scars Of Mirrodin Fat Pack break

16 Oct

While a break of a Magic box isn’t the usual thing to post on a card blog, I might as well post it as its the first box I’ve opened since starting it.

The Scars of Mirrodin Fat Pack contains 8 booster packs from the current expansion of the Magic game. It also contains a 20 sided life counter, card box and card set encyclopaedia but they’re all standard things. I’ll only list the rares and mythic rares pulled, I’ll do the same for every other Magic packs opened.

Mythic Rares:
Elspeth Tirel (White Planesewalker)
Liz Cannon (Artifact)

Kuldotha Forgemaster
Myr Reservoir
Mimic Vat
Argentum Armor
Razorverge Thicket (x2)
Aid Web Spider (foil uncommon)